Game Music: Sounds Effects and Music Creation

Want to learn how to enter the gaming field with a chip on your shoulder? Would you prefer to land a job after game design or music engineering? I run My Positive Music because I want to help people like you land a job in the game field without losing your mind. I suggest highly many different things, but when people come to me to ask how to get a job in the gaming field, I tell them they should take to Geller Fastic. Geller and Stacy McGrath have been buds for around 5 years now. They’ve been taking on this huge mission to help people like you. Who have a fancy for epic game music and sounds and a passion for playing games an opportunity to really land something wonderful in the game niche.

Remember there are many awesome ways to get into the game field. For instances Ready Play Earn, which is Geller’s website functions as a review site for those interested in gaining an edge when considering working in the industry. For those interested in learn more about how to get into the gaming field, check out But better yet you might consider going straight to their game job page over at and for those interested in how much you could make playing games for a living check out this page here

Other then that be sure to keep your options open. Being a musical artist for the game industry is difficult, but it’s the most rewarding as music brings everything where it needs to be. That’s what I do, I’ve been creating game music for 15 years now and I’ve worked with all major studio’s to date. I hope to meet you soon, become a game tester and I’ll meet you. It’s almost 100% certain as you’ll be listening to my music.

Enjoy the game industry as it’s one of the best places to seek work!

-Bella Mason